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How to Register with DHL


If you need to register for DHL courier service, but do not need to schedule/reschedule an appointment, please review the instructions below:

  1.  Click “SIGN IN” at
  2. Once you confirm that you have read the disclaimer, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your personal data.
  3. At the Applicant Summary page, select "Schedule Appointment."  Note: You must select this step to get to the DHL screen, but you will not actually need to schedule another appointment if you already have an interview date provided by NVC or KCC. 
  4. Select the Immigrant Visa category that applies to you, then select “Scheduled by NVC --> Register for Courier”
  5. Select “Nairobi” as your interview site.
  6. Select your DHL pickup location.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, DHL closed their Kisumu office with immediate effect. For clients who have already chosen a Kisumu location for visa collection, DHL will call you to arrange for collection in Nairobi. Please log in to the CSC website ( if you would like to choose a different location.

You may return to your account to check the status of your document for pickup after your appointment.