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Visa Interviews

On the day of your interview, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.  You should have with you your valid passport, completed application forms, recent passport-size photo, the MRV fee receipt, your appointment confirmation letter and any other documents you might have wish to present to the Visa Officer during your interview.

You will need to pass through a security check before you will be allowed to enter the Consulate.  Please note that certain items are not permitted in the Consulate, including laptop computer, mobile phones, cameras, other electronic devices, pocket-knives, cigarettes and cigarette lighters.

Once you reach the Visa Section, you will present your application forms at either Window 1 and 2 one at a time.  This means that although your interview is scheduled for a given hour, you should be prepared for certain waiting time before you get to the actual interview.  Our staff will verify the information provided and ensure that all forms are duly completed.  They will also be able to answer any last minute questions about the application form.  You will then be asked to take a seat and wait.  Once called to the window for the interview, you will have fingerprints taken.  You will be asked to place your left hand fingers on the scanner, then your right hand fingers and finally both thumbs.  Please ensure that your fingers and thumbs are placed properly on the green light. The fingerprinting process is quick and unobtrusive. You will be asked. The process does not require the use of ink and is usually complete with 1 minute.

In most case, the consular officer will make a decision on your eligibility for a non-immigrant visa at the time of the interview.  In a few case, you may be requested to return with additional documents before a decision can be made.  In these rare cases, no appointment will be necessary for you to return to the Consular section and present the additional documents.